Goggle Seals

Foam goggle seal Foam High quality foam ensures comfort and protection for the face.
Poly goggle seal Poly High grade PVC material gives excellent sealing and leak resistant properties.
TPR goggle seal TPR New generation Thermo Plastic Rubber is a pliable material. It provides a comfortable soft seal and leak resistant properties.
Silicone goggle seal Silicone The ultimate comfort. 100% silicone seals provide the highest leak resistant properties.
Soft Cup goggle seal Soft Cup Affords a similar feature to the 'No Seal' Model but with a PVC cup which is more flexible and has a softer feel on the face.
No Seal goggles No Seal The Original 'No Seal' Racing Goggle. Top quality engineering allows this model to be worn without a conventional seal whilst still affording excellent seal properties. For the more experienced swimmer.


Rubber goggle headband Rubber A soft elastic material for general swimming use.
Silicone goggle headband Silicone A high quality strap providing extra strength and durability.
TPR goggle headband TPR Thermo Plastic Rubber allows for accurate adjustment for an extra superior fit.

UV Protection

UV Protection Every Eyeline goggle has added ultra-violet protection as a standard feature. Designed for the outdoor swimmer to provide essential protection from sunlight and ultra-violet light.


Anti-Fog Lenses Eyeline anti-fog models are treated using the most advanced coatings available today. Anti-fog lenses provide excellent optical clarity for all swimming conditions. Note: Anti-fog inner lens coatings should never be rubber or scratched as this will render the treatment ineffective. Do not use anything to clean inner surfaces that will scratch the surface. Rinse goggles in fresh water after every usage and air-dry. From time to time it is suggested to use the Eyeline anti-fog spray to keep your goggles clean and reduce 'film build-up' on the inner surface which will lessen the effectiveness of the anti-fog treatment and also reduce the optical clarity of your swim goggles.

Correct Headband Usage

eyeline headbands Eyeline headbands are designed to be 'non-slip' so it essential to release the tension through the buckle before adjusting the length. Failing to release the tension through the buckle, the tighter you pull the headband the tighter it locks and will exceed the natural length of any given section and snap the headband.
Split, twin and dual headbands
Correct positioning for all split, dual and twin headbands. Regular, contoured and single headbands