About Us

aboutThe eyeline® name has been an integral part of the swimming world since 1963 when the Registration and Trademark were both granted.

From the beginning as the world's "original" swim goggle manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia in 1963, the eyeline brand has led the field in quality and innovative design and is the "benchmark" of quality standards by which other brands of swimming goggles are measured.

From a dream and innovative thought, production of the first injection moulded polycarbonate swim goggle was made in 1963. Eyeline now manufactures over 50 models of swimming goggles. Much of what are now considered essential components of today's swimming goggles has come from technological advances made by eyeline in its nearly 60-year history.

From it's humble beginning, eyeline supplies swimming goggles,accessories and training equipment,  to all major swimming markets in the world.

Eyeline is virtually unique in the fact that it manufactures its own swimming goggles and we do not buy from the "outside marketplace".

From concept, design, tooling, manufacture, packaging to shipping from the factories warehouses, the total process is under the ever-watchful eyes of the eyeline quality control staff.

Eyeline's dedicated staff pride themselves in the continued quality they produce so as to protect their high user satisfaction rating.

Eyeline continues to develop and innovate products for the swimming market.

Competitive, recreational, lap, fitness, learn to swim or occasional swimmers are all important to eyeline who supply products to suit all these market segments.

Eyeline is everything in swimming